At Farm Credit of New Mexico we understand the risk faced in business. Insurance is an integral part of your risk management plan. Don’t take a gamble on the weather or markets when your livelihood is at stake. Our team of experts can tailor a program of insurance to cover your needs.

Farm Credit of New Mexico offers a complete selection of insurance products designed to protect your income. Regardless of operation size, we work for optimum return based on your specific financial needs.


We offer the following insurance products:

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

Uniquely tailored MPCI options will assist to balance yield and revenue variances using your historic or county averages. This product provides industry best Pecan Revenue Protection. All premiums are subsidized by the Federal Crop Insurance Program.

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF)

Losses are paid when rainfall in the insured area falls below the selected percentage of historic average. Specific monthly intervals and acreage are utilized, resulting in customized protection for each operation. Premiums are subsidized by the Federal Crop Insurance Program.


Once your crop has a stand, privately rated crop-hail insurance can fill the gap between your MPCI policy guarantee and any losses due to hail. Even if the frequency of hail in your area is low, you should ask about how crop hail insurance can be a beneficial decision.

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP)

A revenue based insurance tool offering protection against declines in quarterly revenue from milk sales. Milk producers can choose how much of their expected quarterly milk production to insure, milk price and coverage/production levels. Premiums subsidized by the Federal Crop Insurance Program.

Life Insurance

Term, Permanent, and Disability Insurance is offered to fit your unique requirements. The process is simple, easy and quick through our FCS LifeExpress program. Our experts will provide top industry options to meet your budget with no pressure and the best service available to Farm Credit customers.

Livestock & Animal Mortality Insurance

Our customized products and services are designed to cover commercial livestock and high-value animals while located on premises or in transit.

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Sales Closing Dates

January 31st

Pecans & Chile

February 28th

TX Cotton

March 15th

NM Cotton, Corn, Sorghum

September 30th


November 15th

Pasture, Rangeland and Forage

December 31st


Open Dates

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP)

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