Lease solutions are available with a broad range of flexible, easy-to-use options for agricultural producers across New Mexico through Farm Credit of New Mexico Leasing.

Why Leasing?

Leasing can help you reduce your taxes, improve your cash flow, reduce maintenance costs, free up capital and improve your balance sheet.

What is Eligible?

Almost anything can be leased, including transportation vehicles, such as pickups, vans and cars; agricultural vehicles like tractors, harvesters and sprayers; and even facilities such as pole barns and greenhouses along with production equipment for wine processing, dairy production and packaging.

Flexible Terms

Terms are based on the expected use and life of the equipment you’re leasing, usually between 36 and 60 months. For large projects such as plant equipment, we can develop lease terms that accommodate your installation schedule. Interim financing may also be available to complement your lease. You can also choose your payment schedule, which is one of the benefits of leasing through us.

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