Farm Credit Administration

Our Regulator, the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) is an independent agency in the executive branch of the U.S. Government. It is responsible for the regulation and examination of the banks, associations, and related entities that collectively comprise the Farm Credit System. FCA derives its powers and authorities from the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended. FCA’s mission is to promote a safe and sound, competitive Farm Credit System.

Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation

The Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (FCSIC) is an independent U.S. government-controlled corporation and not under the control of any System institution. The Insurance Corporation’s primary purpose is to ensure the timely payment of principal and interest on the Systemwide Debt Securities.

Farm Credit Council

The Farm Credit Council (FCC) is the System’s trade association and offers a wide range of business services to system institutions and represents the System’s interests on legislative matters.

Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation

The Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation (FFCBFC or “Funding Corp”) manages the sale of System-wide securities in the nation’s capital markets. System-wide securities are the primary source of loan funds for the Farm Credit System.


CoBank is a national cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America. The bank provides loans, leases, export financing and other financial services to agribusinesses and rural power, water and communications providers in all 50 states.

CoBank is a member of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide network of banks and retail lending associations chartered to support the borrowing needs of U.S. agriculture and the nation’s rural economy. In addition to serving its direct retail borrowers, the bank also provides wholesale loans and other financial services to affiliated Farm Credit associations serving more than 70,000 farmers, ranchers and other rural borrowers in 23 states around the country.

Headquartered outside Denver, Colorado, CoBank serves customers from regional banking centers across the U.S. and also maintains an international representative office in Singapore.